A trip to Burntisland, Fife.

We are creeping into the month of May and at last the Scottish weather is gradually getting less dreich and more spring like. The yellow thing in the sky called the sun is making an appearance through the clouds and at last the temperatures are climbing. Steve has had a few runs on the Harley-Davidson® Fatboy, but sadly this pillion has been too frail and cold to ride on the back. When he asked if I wanted to join him on Friday and take a trip on our beloved Fattie, how could I resist A trip to Burntisland, Fife.

On the road 🙂 – on the back of Steve on Fattie

Alan, Deke, Ron And Rab

I made sure my trusty machine to keep me fed was sitting at 100%, put a brand new feed on, linked myself up, MK rucksack on my back, with emergency supplies as usual in the panniers, and off we go. Woo hoo.

As we drove up the A1 and left East Lothian I looked to my right, I could see the Forth looking like a millpond, The most beautifully yellow carpeted fields shining, bursting with energy. The oil seed rape dancing magically as we cruised along.

We arranged to meet a couple of the riders at one of our usual meeting points. Deke was waiting, a welcome sight, I hadn’t seen him this year, a fellow Dunedin Chapter member and friend was looking forward getting a chin wag. He was telling me how he has ordered himself a new helmet and is looking forward to it coming. A shiny blue Glide comes into the car park; a welcome face of Ron; I ask how Wanda is, we chat. Then we hear the roar of the slim, Alan with pillion Hazel; my sister and brother in law – the couple that introduced us to The Chapter.

Steve takes the lead and Alan the tail. We ride along the bypass, onto the M8 and head for the Queensferry Crossing. We meet up with our buddy, Rab at Inverkeithing. We all travelled together on the beautiful sunny Friday evening to Burntisland. We took the Fife coastal trail, through Aberdour onto Burntisland.

Thinking back I was 19 again on the back of Steve’s bike, when Steve would pick me up from Dundee University on a Friday afternoon where I was studying towards my degree in Applied Economics.

As we approached Burntisland I lifted my visor and felt the beautiful sea breeze in my face, not at all cold. As we turned down, rode passed the take away with a delightful smell pouring out and going round the hearts of the Harley riders that had made their way up on the mates run I could see a couple of Chapter members parked up in the car park waiting to “meet and greet us”. Craig Pearce and Anthony Battsford live local to Burntisland it was so great to catch up with them after all this time. Other members arrived including Tommy and Ben. George lives in Burntisland and was a welcome addition, he came and spoke to me about riding the Harley, told me how he had been to Roslin and how he is looking forward to going to Orkney. We had a lovely chat in a short time all within covid restrictions.

Most of the guys went to the chip shop, the pleasant chatty staff were amazing, the fish was very fresh, excellent portion size and very very tasty. For me the best thing is they served coffee, hot chocolate and tea. Hazel and I spotted an empty bench, walked over, I took much needed seat by this time and enjoyed my hot chocolate. Well served with bins to put away the wrappers, so the place is lovely and tidy.

Burntisland – for Steve and I full of happy magical memories, taking the boys when they were nippers over the Forth to enjoy some Fife sunshine. What does this town that lies on the northern shore of the Firth of Forth have to offer? It is clean and tidy with a lovely beach and lovely destination for families, couples and friends alike. Whether going for a walk, taking a paddle or playing with that bucket a spade a great day can definitely be had on the beach. Burntisland steeped in history. It is home to the second oldest Highland games in the world. First starting in 1652.

There are lots of different things to do in town. Independent shops, restaurants, pubs, cafes and take-aways. The beach has plenty of space for all and is lovely and clean. It is a very sandy beach with stunning views. If you are looking for something different to do, look no further than either Museum of Communication, situated on the High Street of the town. With the current restrictions they are doing their best and offering zoom meetings. Another place to visit is The Burntisland Heritage Trust, if you are interested have a look at their website and you may find out a little you didn’t know.

We had a great time, it was largely due to the Scottish weather was behaving, the company was good, I was on the back on a fabulous bike and visiting a lovely Scottish town. All in all a good Friday evening.

One thought on “A trip to Burntisland, Fife.

  1. A great time had by all . As you say it’s a great place and we have been many times as children with our parents .
    Then as parents with our children as well as trips with our spouses.

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