Welcome to A day trip in Scotland

Hello there, I’m happy that you have found my blog and you are taking time to stop and have a moment to see what this is all about. Firstly I want to thank you in advance for reading this post, I’m so pleased you have came my way and you are talking time to read this post. Before I say anything else I would like to say welcome to A day trip in Scotland.

A few years ago my life changed and for a time I thought my surname was NO. No I could not go to work, No I could not drive, No I could not eat… and so it carried on. Did this stop me living and enjoying life? Heck NO. The day I heard the words ‘Carcinoid Syndrome’, ‘incurable’, ‘gastrostomy’, etc, etc.

I turned my frown upside down started writing and editing from home and when fit enough get on the back of our Harley-Davidson® Fatboy and go for a run with my hubby, Steve. I am never without my Nikon camera doing what I love best taking photos of our beautiful country, Scotland. Steve and I joined The Dunedin Chapter a few years ago. A fabulous way to get to know other Harley owners. Go out on mates rides, organised runs, etc. We love being part of the Chapter and would recommend it to any Harley-Davidson® owner. I am now the Editor for the Chapter. A role I thoroughly enjoy.

I have two Labradors. My boy, Buddy is a Fox Red. He is my assistance dog. He would be hanging on the sissy bar of the Harley if he got away with it. Buddy alerts me if my blood sugar drops. Knows when my heart is misbehaving, whether it is beating too slow or knocking at a rate of knots. He will always let me know, clever chap. His wife Bella is a beautiful loving yellow Labrador. Both labs help with carrying the washing to the machine. Bella’s favourite items to carry are socks and caps. Mind you she is partial to carrying a wallet, got to be careful that doesn’t go in the washing machine.

The dogs travel well and think nothing better than jumping in the back of the BMW or in Steve’s van and heading for somewhere like Tala Reservoir, The Meldons or Saint Mary’s Loch.

I will be regularly posting my travels on the Harley-Davidson®, review bed and breakfasts, hotels, self catering accommodations we use. Will also review places of interest and different selection of restaurants, bistros, pubs, cafes, etc.

I hope to take a great deal of photographs on my outings. So you should get the feel for the place.

At any time you are welcome to comment, ask questions, share or follow this blog.

Once again thanks for taking the time to read my first post.

Have a lovely cheery Sunday. And remember to keep that frown upside down. If possible smile each and every day. You never know you may brighten someone else’s.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to A day trip in Scotland

    1. Thanks Scott, I’m so looking forward to sharing beautiful Scotland, our Fatboy, some of our fabulous trips together and of course m amazing labs x


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